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Salons of Federal Trade Fair for Apparel & Textile "Textillegprom"

49th Federal Trade Fair for Apparel & Textile

29 August - 1 September '2017


International Salon of Garment & Headwear: women's clothes, men's clothes, clothes for young people, sportswear and leisure time clothes, play clothes and undergarments, nightwear, maternity clothing, jeans, uniforms and business attire, special clothing, children's clothes, wedding fashion, head wear, kerchiefs, scarves, infants' clothes, ties, classy accessories and other products for the consumer and textile industry.

Elena Bobrovskaya
+7 (499) 245-17-28

Devdariani Victoria
+7 (499) 255-73-41
International Salon of Fabrics, Accessories and Components for Garment: Fabric (cotton, linen, silk, synthetic, blends), nonwoven fabric and interlining, metal and plastic garment accessories, buttons and zippers, threads and yarn, clothing attire, bands, cordons, ribbons, laces, products for handiwork, labels and wrapping, related goods and other products of textile and consumer industries.

Anton Prokopenko
+7 (499) 245-13-90
International Salon of Fur: Fur coats, jackets, neckpieces; fur coats and sheepskin coats for children; fur semi-products for the manufacture of clothes: pelts, strips, collars, borders, cuffs; knitted fur. Fur, leather and suede head wear.
Ludmila Shuvalova
+7 (499) 245-07-16
International Salon of Knitwear: Knitted outerwear, underwear, hosiery, yarns, knitted fabric and other garment and consumer industry products.
Ludmila Golovatcheva
+7 (499) 245-34-50

Arseniy Kruglik
+7 (499) 246-63-87

International Lingerie Salon: Underwear, corsetry, beachwear and bathing suits, pajamas, night dresses, nightgowns, figure shaping lingerie, tights, seamless underwear, materials and components for the manufacture of underwear and other garment and textile industry products.
International Children's salon: Children's clothes, head wear, kerchiefs, scarves for children, infants' clothes, teenagers' clothes, maternity clothing, games and toys, child-care products, accessories.

International Salon Textillegmash: Machines and equipment for the factories of the consumer and textile industry, shop equipment for textile and garment industries, computer technology for garment and textile industries.

Maxim Makarenko
+7 (499) 245-18-72

26th (49th) International Fair

29 August - 1 September '2017


Leather products: Leather coats, trench coats, jackets, sheepskin coats; leather semi-products for the manufacture of clothes.

Fur products: Fur coats, jackets, neckpieces; fur coats and sheepskin coats for children; fur semi-products for the manufacture of clothes: pelts, strips, collars, borders, cuffs; knitted fur. Fur, leather and suede head wear.

Leather goods and haberdashery: Purses, travel bags, gym bags; briefcases; suitcases; backpacks; small leather haberdashery: port-monnaies, wallets, key cases, business card holders, key chains; belts; gloves, umbrellas.

Leather: Genuine leather: apparel leather, upper shoe leather, haberdashery leather, lining leather, bottom shoe leather; harness leather; suede; exotic leather: crocodile, ostrich, snake, stingray, shark; imitation leather.

Men's and women's footwear: Fancy shoes, athletic shoes, leisure shoes, work shoes, special shoes, shoes of polyvinyl chloride, rubber footwear.

Components for the manufacture of footwear: Heels, soles, shoetrees, press moulds. Equipment for the manufacture of footwear and leather haberdashery; chemical affinities and supplements for the manufacture of footwear; shoes and leather haberdashery accessories.

Machinery and equipment for production of footwear.

Ludmila Shuvalova
+7 (499) 245-07-16

Alexey Biryukov
+7 (499) 255-78-29

We have the honor to invite you to participate in the next scheduled Federal Trade Fair for Apparel & Textile "Textillegprom" and International Fair "Leather - Footwear - Fur - Technology". The fairs are traditionally held in the pavilions No. 55, 69 and 75 of All-Russian Exhibition Centre.

We remind you that in order to reserve a booth, you must confirm your participation in the fair by completing the Contract-request form. You will then receive the required number of invitation cards for your customers. We are eager to increase the amount of visitors as well as expand our international clientele base. If you wish to invite some particular specialists to the fair, you can provide your manager with his/her contact information or register him/her HERE yourself.

Prices, Euro (including VAT)

Registration fee 350 Euro
Publishing of 1 catalogue entry without booth reservation 250 Euro
Expoarea 360 Euro

To be registered as a participant of the fair you must:

  1. Send the completed Contract-request form to RLP - Yarmarka, LLC.
  2. Pay 50% of the sum of the invoice, which includes the price of the required floor space, additional services and a registration fee within 5 days from the billing date.
  3. Settle your final account balance for participation in the fair no later than 45 days before it starts.

In the event two parties request the same booth, priority will be given to who pays first.

To receive and send the Contract-request form, please feel free to call the phone numbers listed in the table, in accordance with the types of manufactured products.

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