The «Textillegprom» fair history has started since 1993 when joint-stock company “Roslegprom” (ссылка на 4.1) jointly with “Rostextile” (now does not exist) company held the first wholesale fair of goods and equipment (на 5.6) of textile(5.2) and apparel(5.1) industries in the pavilion № 57 of “All-Russia Exhibition Centre” in Moscow (на 2.1). Since, the Centre has become a traditional meeting place for industry professionals and their partners.

The Federal Trade Fair «Textillegprom» is a unique phenomenon. Throughout its history it proved to be not just one of the most successful fairs in Russia but also a basic forum of apparel and textile industries of the country, influencing the development of sectoral-product markets not less than for a year ahead.

Fairs’ formation and development proceeded gradually. The first stage was the period from 1993 to 1998. At that time fairs only began to develop and the only exhibition platform was the pavilion №57 where the whole range of products was demonstrated by all participants regardless of their specialization. Fabrics, knitwear clothes, leather and textile products, footwear and accessories were displayed on the stands of the fair.

In 1998 by order of the Government of the Russian Federation wholesale trade fairs gained state recognition thereby their real contribution into promotion of national goods and formation of the Russian consumer market infrastructure were noted. The support of the Government, the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Trade, intense promotion made the fairs one of the main venues for manufacturers and traders, for a study of market mechanisms and an exchange of experience.

As the fairs developed, the industry followed the same path. The light industry boom significantly affected a large number of people. A positive change in the industry, constant increase in the number of participants required the increase in size of the exhibition space, search for new pavilions, rational installation of exponents according to their specialization. The second stage of the fair development began with the relocation of leather-footwear enterprises (на 5.7) into the pavilion № 20 and exploration of the 55th pavilion in order to single out the equipment(на 5.6) for textile(5.2) and apparel industry(5.1).

Since the year 2000 the third stage has begun. JSC “Roslegprom”(на 4.1), JSC “Rostextile” Concern (now does not exist) and State JSC “All-Russia Exhibition Centre” (на 2.1) concluded an agreement on long-standing cooperation in the field of exhibition activity. Pavilion № 69 with a total area of 16 000 sq. m. became a new expo platform(на 6.1) for fashion-industry (на 6.2) companies. It contains the leading salons of «Textillegprom»

In the same year “RLP-Yarmarka” LTD (на 4.2) became a member of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs and the Federal trades were awarded a Sign of the Union. It signifies a high level of professional organization of the exhibition event, its significance for the economy and extension of external economic relations. The number of national and foreign participants increased, correspondingly their geographic area has also expanded (more participants came from Rostov, Ivanov, Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Novgorod Regions, as well as from Belarus, Ukraine, Italy, Poland and Germany).

In 2003 the International Trade Fair “Leather – Footwear – Fur – Technology” (на www.expoleather.ru) acquired the autonomous status, held by “RLP-Yarmarka” (на 4.2), and afterwards it was awarded by the “Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs” (RUEF) label. The exposition of the fair progressed intensively. Its different-category salons demonstrate a whole range of leather-footwear and related products starting with raw materials and equipment ending with ready-made garments. In 2006 the “LFFT” fair (на 5.7) was awarded with "The Event Approved by UFI" status which signifies the fair’s compliance to the requirements of the exhibition industry on the international level. Since 2007 the “LFFT”(на 5.7) wholesale fair ha s been held jointly with “Textillegprom”(на 2.1)

In 2009 a new exhibition pavilion № 75 was commissioned which allowed the organizers to locate there a number of «Textillegprom» salons:

Salon of Knitwear: knitted outerwear, knitted underwear, knitted fabrics, yarn, threads, knitwear for headwear, knitted hosiery. (на 5.3) Lingerie Salons: shapewear, knitted underwear, nightwear, beachwear and swimwear, tights and stockings. (на 5.4)

Children’s Salon: clothes for children, maternity clothes.(на 5.5)
and a number of “Leather – Footwear – Fur – Technology” salons (на expoleather.ru) as well:
Fur and headwear Salon: natural, faux fur; fur coats and headwear.
Leather Salon: natural, artificial leather; leather products.
Footwear Salon: Men’s , women’s , children’s footwear.
Salon of Leather Accessories: gloves, bags, backpacks, briefcases, suitcases.
Salon of Components: materials for shoe and leather products manufacturing. Chemicals for leather and fur. Machinery and Equipment Salon: machinery for the manufacturing of soles, leather goods machines
(belt and hole cutting, polishing machines, painting edges, stamping machines, duplication, drying), etc.

Today, the Federal Trade Fair for textile and apparel industry «Textillegprom» is an imposing industry forum which shows an impressive statistics:
• 2500 national and foreign exhibitors
• Expo area – 60 000 sq. m.
• more than 30 000 specialists-visitors
A high level of the fairs organization, a large-scale participation of the companies in it, and intense business program, fashion shows, creative contests – all this makes «Textillegprom» a unique place for new opportunities.

We are always glad to see you as a participant or a visitor of our exhibition events!