Aletex has been producing and distributing fabrics and embroidery for clothing for over 30 years._x000D_
Today the company has specialized in traditional and digital printing and in the dyeing of all textile fibers (cotton, viscose, nylon, linen, polyester, silk, and all mixed fibers), developing a new production process that emphasizes the strength, brilliance and solidity of the color called "Color Life System".

Павильон 75
Этаж 1
Cтенд 33F
Зал Зал А
Страна Италия
Web www.aletex.it
E-mail u.lettieri@aletex.it
Адрес 84021, Zona Industriale lotto 20 - Buccino SA
Телефон (39) 0828958007
Виды продукции Трикотажные полотна / Ткани и нетканые материалы / Текстиль и сырье для текстильной промышленности